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Belbin Native Seafoods is a rapidly growing, highly reputable seafood supplier owned and run by Dale and Louise. Belbin Native Seafoods supply a wide range of locally sourced seafood but specialise in local Mersea Oysters due to the fantastic reputation these oysters have throughout restaurants and homes across the country.


What makes us different?

Unusually, Dale is a first-generation oysterman which has given him a unique perspective on this traditional craft. Dale, together with his partner Louise, have developed their business with a refreshing, down to earth approach that prioritises sustainability and quality. They also see the low overheads, and wide reach of the internet, as a natural way to sell their high-quality seafood.


What we do Best

Belbin Native Seafoods have developed a knack for catching the very best oysters in their boat and processing them in a unique manner designed to maximise flavour and minimise contamination. This approach has resulted in a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 and their oysters test below the lowest detectable e-coli levels. Oysters are kept in tanks with water transported by bowser from the sea, which utilises the same water that they grow in naturally.

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From us to you

When an order is received through the website the packaging and delivery begins. Oysters are packed live to order, carefully placed in temperature controlled boxes, and dispatched for next day courier delivery to any address or restaurant in mainland UK.

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"Belbin Seafoods of Ardleigh sell first-rate, plump, juicy and delicious Mersea oysters, both rock and natives. If you're a true East-coast-oyster lover, look no further."

food and wine writer Steve Pryer (Feb 2021)


Opening Hours

For UK mainland domestic sales click here to buy direct and enjoy our courier delivery service.


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 0900-1800 

If you would like to talk to us about our wholesale or international sales services then please contact Louise and Dale using the details below.


Monday to Friday 0800-1800 

Saturday 0800-1300 

As a small business, sometimes we may not be able to answer the phone straight away as we may be out catching oysters, we will get back to you as soon as possible 


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